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Lifemates Canada
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Reviews and Complaints for Top Dating Services
Reviews and Complaints for Top Dating Services.
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Lifemates Canada
Lifemates Reviews - A Leading Canadian Dating Service

Lifemates Canada claims to be "The Relationship People" and rightly so. Lifemates Canada is one of the largest and oldest dating and matchmaking companies in Canada. For 22 years they have been helping singles connect to their Lifemates. All over the internet you will find numerous grateful positive Lifemates reviews, of a company that is truly committed to helping their members find life partners. LifeMates works hard to help you meet your relationship goal and connect with quality people. 

When you choose to join Lifemates Canada you have decided to join a unique community that is much more than a dating website. Lifemates has successfully introduced and connected thousands of singles. With 22 years of service, Lifemates Canada helps its members connect to someone special while still maintaining their busy professional lives. Lifemates relationship managers will help you search for that special person who shares the same interest and lifestyle that you do.  

One of the most unique and important feature of Lifemates Canada is that their members are real people. All members are interviewed in person and pre-screened, allowing only quality singles to join. You can be sure that your personal and financial information is safe and there is little possibility of dating a scam artist. Lifemates matchmakers not only set you up on dates, they follow up with both members after each meeting. After introductions, they listen to comments and feedback from both parties and offer counseling and advise to make the match work. 

Lifemates Canada only works with professional matchmakers that you can communicate with and rely on them to guide your dating life. Lifemates truly tops the list of dating companies in Canada.

Lifemates Reviews & Complaints

  Rob Fletcher - Barrie, Ontario March 2, 2010
Dating reviews for Lifemates Canada.
I was surprised to find that I’d be able to access a dating service that serves Barrie specifically, but that’s pretty much what happened when I found out about LifeMates Canada. I work for a hotel chain and, with the growing tourist industry in Barrie, I just figured that I’d be stuck here for a few years and would have to head down to Toronto to meet anyone for dating. I shared my complaint with my co-workers -- I’m the only single guy working here -- and a couple of them, separately, told me that they’d heard good things about LifeMates Canada. I signed up - my plan cost $2300 and was immediately impressed at the professionalism of the staff, no scam here. They sat with me to review any questions and they helped me build a profile that allowed me to present myself in the best way possible. I did end up meeting a wonderful woman and we’ve been dating for several months. And after all my complaints about life in Barrie, I decided that I like the small-city life very well and, if things work out well with my girlfriend, I plan to stay.

  Lily Armstrong Ottawa, Ontario June 5, 2010
As a single mother of three teens I thought that my matchmaking days were over. It’s the old story -- no time, no money, no energy. But I guess that I was starting to get on my kids’ nerves because they signed me up for LifeMates Canada without my knowledge. In fact, they paid the membership fees, ha no cost out of my pocket. When I got the phone call from the LifeMates staff member who wanted to meet with me to write up my profile, I almost hit the ceiling, but in the end, she convinced me to “give it a try.” I’m glad that I did. Not only did I enjoy the dates and feeling like a young girl again, I ended up meeting a very nice man. He gets along well with my kids and, although we’ve decided to “take it slow,” I do believe that I’ve found a new partner.

  Gregory Randall - Calgary, Alberta May 17, 2011
I read consumer review pages about LifeMates Canada carefully before I signed up. From th e reviews and complaints I was not sure but still decided to give it a try at the cost of $2500. The experience was pretty good. After having a so-so first experience, I reevaluated what I was looking for and started to meet more women, so I think that I’m going to continue with them.

  Meredith Crosswell - Vancouver, BC December 11, 2011
I’ve never been very successful at navigating dating sites but LifeMates Canada was great. Dating sites are almost a scam, they just throw you into the dating pool and let you fend for yourself but the LifeMates system, lets you work with a staff matchmaker. You can really define your relationship goals and fine tune your ideas of the kind of person that you want to meet. I felt as though someone “had my back” throughout the whole process and they were always interested in my feedback. I guess that’s what it was like in the olden days when your parents watched out for you while you were dating. Here, the LifeMates staff took care of screening the guys that I was set to meet and that really calmed me down while I was dating. I’m now engaged to someone that I met through the program.

  Carol Varbin - Edmonton, AB December 29, 2011
Joining Lifemates was probably the best decision that I've ever taken. I'm rather shy by nature and haven't dated very much throughout the years but at age 32, after a review of my single life, I decided to take the plunge. I chose Lifemates because they're Canadian-based so I felt that they'd be a good fit for the kind of match that I was looking for. The personal interview and private consultation and on-going relationship with the Lifemates relationship consultant all gave me the confidence that I needed to embark on comfortable dating encounters. I especially appreciated the feedback that I got from the staff after each introduction and could date in a relaxed state of mind because I knew that all the men that I met had been pre-screened and I would not meet someone involved in some crazy lawsuit.

  Alan Martin - Brampton, ON March 14, 2012

My wife and I decided that as part of our one-year anniversary celebration we would write to LifeMates to say "thank you" for creating our introduction. Before we met we had been living in different areas, hanging out in different circles enjoying, on the surface, different types of interests, so logically, we would probably have never met and we certainly wouldn't have been introduced on any other Internet dating site.

But the LifeMates strategy of conducting in-depth interviews to thoroughly ascertain what a person is really like was completely appropriate in our circumstances because, from the beginning, it was clear that it was a perfect match.

After my divorce I swore off the idea of remarrying. I told myself that I was happy with my work, hobbies and some casual dating. Most of my friends are married but I never felt alone and didn't really envy them until they started, one by one, to have babies. When I saw how truly happy they were with their families I started to think about how I could have that in my life.

I confided in one of my friends about my line of thought and he suggested that I check out LifeMates where, unknown to me, he had met his wife. He assured me that this was not a "blind date" type of situation because all introductions take place after in-depth interviews and a careful assessment of each person's interests, values, goals and personalities. I signed up and was immediately impressed by the seriousness in which the LifeMates staff took the process of creating meaningful introductions. I sat with one of their staff members for a significant period of time while she asked me questions about myself and my ambitions, some of which I'd never really thought about.  
When Lifemates called me about my first introduction I was pretty surprised. On paper, it didn't look like we'd fit at all. Professionally, personally, spiritually...we just seemed to be on different planets. But once I met Carla, it was clear that "on paper" is a lot different than "in person." We connected right away and have been inseparable ever since. My friends and their wives like her and she's integrated nicely into our social group (and, she tells me that, from the beginning, I was a big hit with her friends and family as well).

Lifemates wasn't cheap, but in the end, its cost was a lot less expensive than it would have been to join a bunch of different, cheaper, dating services in the hopes of finding someone. That's what one of my co-workers did to "save money." (He has now joined Lifemates).

  Felicia Silver - Aridrie, AB Dec 16, 2012

I'm a 40-something mother of two and hadn't been even vaguely interested in entering the dating world again after my divorce. But when one of my daughters asked me whether I didn't want to date because "you don't think that it's worthwhile?", I began to worry that I was setting a bad example for my girls regarding their own future relationships.

I joined Lifemates Canada because, according to a few of my friends who had been in the dating world for awhile, it was the most worthwhile dating service around. I was a bit apprehensive but the operator on the phone was really helpful and gave me thorough answers about the program, how it operates and how it could work for me. They answered everything besides telling me the Lifemates cost.

I was very impressed with the initial interview which covered almost everything about me. I figured that if I had to do such a thorough interview, the men would be doing the same thing which gave me a lot of confidence about the quality of the men that I was about to meet. When it came time for the Lifemates cost and membership fees, I got a little jittery but ended up going through with it.

Another aspect of Lifemates that I appreciated was that they don't accept people who are not interested in a committed relationship. I felt that it was important for my daughters that I model that kind of relationship -- to date men who are interested in a family life and view a serious relationship as a goal.

Well, much to my surprise, I met Sam, a single father who wants exactly what I want. He's kind, sweet, loving and romantic. I have fallen completely in love despite myself and my daughters are delighted.

What's funny is that he told me that he, also, wasn't interested in getting involved again but he did it "for his son." Fate really brought us together and I couldn’t be happier.  

  Julie - Thornhill, ON Feb 04, 2013

I don't spend a lot of time online, but my husband mentioned to me that LifeMates Canada had received some criticism lately from dissatisfied clients. Since we actually met, dated and got married through Lifemates we thought that we should respond.

Craig and I both joined Lifemates after "traditional" meeting and matchmaking efforts failed. (blind dates, parties, work relationships, bars, etc). I think that one of the most important elements of success, in our case, was the fact that we were both ready to take the time and commit the resources necessary to find our match. In my husband's case, he had been a Lifemates member for over three years and I had been a member for six months when we met. We had both gone out on many unproductive dates before we met each other but each of us, in our own way, had come to the conclusion that to make the dating service work, we had to be patient and be open to all experiences.

Lifemates doesn't work miracles, but they are committed to serving their clients and tenacious about following through with each member for as long as necessary. If the members join with the attitude that they'll give it a few months and no more, it's probably not going to work. There are always stories about success on the first or second introduction, but basically, Lifemates is a catalyst for what can happen and the responsibility is also on the members themselves.

If a person keeps an open mind about the possibilities that LifeMates can bring, chances are that it will work. It's not always as fast as our "instant society" has conditioned us to expect but it's like everything else...Lifemates will do their part if the members do theirs.

In our case, obviously, it worked but I'm actually not sure that it would have worked in every other instance. (Craig's eyebrows just shot up). I mean, if we hadn't had the support of the LifeMates staff and the background information about each other that assured us that each of us wanted the same important types of things in life, I don't know if we would have even started out with the sort of serious intent that was evident from our first meeting. When I knew from the beginning, for instance, that Craig describes himself as a "perfectionist" or he knew even before he met me that I'm a little over-the-top about my dogs -- we knew from the beginning that each of us had our strengths and weaknesses and could move on from there, instead of finding out these thing...which can be annoying...later on.

I also doubt that, without Lifemates, we would have ever met. We're the same age and lived within a few blocks of each other but we didn't attend the same church, didn't work in the same field, didn't have the same types of friends and didn't participate in the same types of activities. Neither of us is involved in social networking and neither of us spends time in bars so there really weren't many opportunities for us to have met.

One of the things that I appreciated about Lifemates is that it approaches matchmaking as an opportunity to introduce people who share fundamental life goals and expectations, not superficial ones. The service is run in a professional and confidential manner and does the important background work for its clients before they ever meet so members can be assured that they're being introduced to someone who has the same desires for a serious relationship. Lifemates doesn't even accept everyone as a member. If someone is not interested in engaging in a serious relationship, Lifemates will tell them "you're not compatible with our program's objectives."

Craig and I joined Lifemates at times in our lives in which we were looking forward to finding a partner for a committed long-term relationship. That's what Lifemates specializes in and, for us anyway, that's exactly what they provided.

Finding the right partner isn't simple and Lifemates doesn't promise that they'll be able to match up everyone. What they do say, and what seems reasonable to me, is that they'll give you a better chance at finding your partner than you'd have otherwise. That was certainly true in our case.  

  Renee - Unknown Location March 24, 2013

I consider myself relatively cosmopolitan but I was relieved that Lifemates set me up with someone who is bilingual, because I prefer a relationship partner who speaks French. Will is bilingual and is interested in the "culture Quebecoise" but even more than that, he's open-minded and has a great positive attitude. We love to enjoy the same types of activities such as ice-skating and quiet nights at the movies. After we received each other's names through Lifemates we "met" several times on the phone before we met in person because we both felt that it was important to establish whether we felt good vibes before moving on to a real date. We have similar interests and I think that we're on the same wave length regarding what we regard as the important things in life.

  Julie B. and Clarke R. May 9, 2013

I'm writing to explain why I've just referred another friend to LifeMates Canada. My husband Clarke and I met through LifeMates and married because of the LifeMates service. We were introduced in 2002 and married in 2003. Clarke is amazing man. He has adopted my son, who was born we met, and treats him like his own. We have also had two more sons between us. One of the things that I especially appreciated about LifeMates is that the program goes deeply into each individual's personality and background before making a match and doesn't rely on superficial similarities as other dating services tend to do. When Clarke and I met we were each at a certain place in our lives and LifeMates saw that. We've grown together because we were both open-minded enough to move into a mature relationship that was based on much more than looks and similar hobbies. Our life together has been amazing.

  Dorothy K. June 13, 2013

I received Clarence's name as a Lifemates referral on January 9th and we met for coffee. I knew immediately that he was the right guy for me. He's the most caring person that I have ever met with a beautiful soul and a kind, loving, honest, logical, understanding, romantic soul with an accepting and positive attitude that makes me thankful that we were matched. Communication is important to me and Lifemates found me someone who likes to talk almost (!) as much as I do -- we spend at least half an hour every night on the phone, getting to know each other. We meet at least twice a week for coffee and spend every Saturday together. I'm putting my file on (hopefully) permanent "hold."

  Greg H. July 20, 2013

I took out a Lifemates membership that cost over 3 thousand dollars without a lot of expectations but after meeting Lori I'll never dismiss the possibilities that Internet introductions can achieve. I met a few women before Lori but once we met it was clear that we are perfect in every way. I was looking for a woman who was beautiful, not only on the outside but also on the inside, and that's Lori. She's bright and personable and we're enjoying getting to know one another. We're both focused on our future and have discussed it a bit, even talking about moving forward as a couple. I believe that the matchmaking process has finished for me because I've found The One.

  Anca B. Sept 30, 2013

From the first moment that I met Juan, I realized how incredibly blessed I was to have met such a sweet, honest, open and sincere man. Our outlook on life is similar and our interests match. At first glance, you wouldn't think that we'd make a good match but the Lifemates matchmaker saw that we could really bond connect on many different levels. Now I'm just looking forward to a happy future with this loving, caring man who treats me with respect and kindness.

  Sean W. Nov 18, 2013

My match with Andrea was a perfect fit. From our first coffee date I was immediately attracted to her and throughout all of our subsequent dates we can only become closer. Our dates have involved dinners, walks through the neighborhood and other low-key types of activities, mostly because those are the kinds of things that we both enjoy, making the match that much more suitable to both of us. Another factor that makes for a good match is that we both have a lot of motivation and ambition to succeed in life, no matter how hard we need to work to make that happen. Thank you Lifemates Canada, great job, completly worth the cost.

  Pedalhard W. Feb 27, 2014

Here is an update on my Lifemates experience in all aspects of life communication is key I had a very good conversation with the Lifemates people who were doing a quality control followup on my progress in this conversation we were able to clarify my specific needs its nice when a company/people actually care,we appreciate it

  Ivanka J. Mar 02, 2014

I never thought that I'd meet my future husband through Lifemates Canada but things are going so well between myself and Patrice that it seems that that is, in fact, what is happening. We speak every day and see each other as often as we can. We have dinners, movie nights and all sorts of other romantic interludes. I'm in awe that the person that I adore so much is just as much in love with me.

  Jerry M. May 06, 2014

Josie and I both work for the same company but since we work in different sections we never meet. When we answered the Lifemates profile survey questions neither of us mentioned our place of work so the Lifemates staff couldn't have know that we are both professionally involved in the same industry but somehow, they saw that we were compatible and matched us up. Things are going well between myself and Josie. She doesn't wait for me to take the initiative on our dates, like other women -- she always comes up with new and unique ideas that are actually quite romantic. She's the one who made Valentines Day plans for us, rather than leaving it to me, as most of my friends' girlfriends and wives do. She's kind and sweet and makes me laugh which I haven't experienced in a dating situation for many years. Lifemates should get a bonus for this match.

  Gloria Brecher Nov 11, 2014

Lifemates sent me Wallace's name as a referral on August 21st and we met for coffee. I knew immediately that he was right for me. He's the most interesting and caring person that I have ever met. He has a beautiful soul and a kind, loving, honest, logical, understanding, romantic heart. I love his accepting and positive attitude and I'm thankful that we were matched. When I first signed up with Lifemates I gave them a list of all of the same attributes everyone asks for so I don't know exactly how they figured out that Wallace was the right match for me, but somehow they did. In addition, one of the most important characteristics that I look for in a potential partner is a good communicator. Again, I don’t' know how they did it but Lifemates found me someone who likes to talk almost as much as I do! Wallace and I spend at least half an hour on the phone every night, getting to know each other and we meet at least twice a week for coffee. Even though we still live an hour's drive from each other we've begun to spend every Saturday together and, since I work from home, I'll probably be moving closer to Wallace's home in the future. I'm putting my file on "hold" -- hopefully permanently!